Hineni. I am here.

Whether you are a longtime supporter of Beth Israel or new to our congregation, you live the belief: As Jews, we are responsible for one another.  Please join the many dedicated friends of Beth Israel by standing with us, and saying, “Hineni. I am here.” 

Legacy gifts allow Beth Israel to meet the economic and societal challenges of a changing Jewish community.  A legacy gift allows us to meet the needs of our thriving community:

  • Encourages active Jewish learning and appreciation of our Jewish heritage in our schools.
  • Supports congregants during times of crisis and tragedy.
  • Provides outstanding programming and engagement for all members.
  • Enables us to make capital improvements to our facility, reduce our mortgage and save on operating expenses.
  • Creates exciting approaches to attract new members and extended member families.
  • Builds a supportive, caring community.

Just as our founders envisioned Beth Israel, we too have the power to keep that promise for generations to come. Together, we can all build a strong Beth Israel and give the next generation the gift of enriching programs, enhanced services and community.

Your gift to Beth Israel can be a meaningful statement of your beliefs and our Jewish faith. For further information, please contact our Congregation President or Rabbi Goldstein at 410-654-0800.

Click here to download a list of the Memorial & Dedication Opportunities.