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High Holiday Information

Beth Israel Member Access to BIOMLIVE

Beth Israel members will receive access information (unique usernames and passwords) during the week of September 7. Please save this information so you will be able to log on when the site is complete.

Our Calendar At-a-Glance

Click here for our Calendar At-a-Glance of High Holy Day programming, all of which will be accessible through

Mahzor (Prayer Book) Pick-Up at our Building

Our services will be livestreamed this year, and we want you to be ready to participate. If you are not submitting an order through the Curbside Pickup, but would like to borrow Mahzorim for home use please contact Valerie Thaler.

We ask that copies of Mahzorim be returned by October 5. After that date, we will charge member accounts $36 per Mahzor, to be credited back when the Mahzorim are brought to the office.

This year we invite you to come to the Synagogue during the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to share a moment at the Torah. Please sign up for a time below.

   Wednesday, Sept. 23, 3:00pm - Open
   Wednesday, 3:15pm - Open
   Wednesday, 3:30pm - Open
   Wednesday, 3:45pm - Open
   Wednesday, 4:00pm - Booked
   Wednesday, 4:15pm - Open
   Wednesday, 4:30pm - Open
   Wednesday, 4:45pm - Open
   Wednesday, 5:00pm - Open
   Thursday, Sept. 24, 2:00pm - Open
   Thursday, 2:15pm - Open
   Thursday, 2:30pm - Open
   Thursday, 2:45pm - Open
   Thursday, 3:00pm - Open
   Thursday, 3:15pm - Open
   Thursday, 3:30pm - Open
   Thursday, 3:45pm - Open
   Thursday, 4:00pm - Open
   Thursday, 4:15pm - Open
   Thursday, 4:30pm - Open
   Thursday, 4:45pm - Open
   Thursday, 5:00pm - Open
   Thursday, 7pm - Booked
   Thursday, 7:15pm - Booked
   Thursday, 7:30pm - Booked
   Thursday, 7:45pm - Booked
   Thursday, 8:00pm - Booked
   Thursday, 8:15pm - Booked
   Thursday, 8:30pm - Booked
   Thursday, 8:45pm - Booked
   Friday, Sept. 25, 10:00am - Open
   Friday, 10:15am - Open
   Friday, 10:30am - Open
   Friday, 10:45am - Open
   Friday, 11:00am - Open
   Friday, 11:15am - Open
   Friday, 11:30am - Open
   Friday, 11:45am - Open
   Friday, 12:00pm - Open
   Sunday, Sept. 27, 10:00am - Booked
   Sunday, 10:15am - Open
   Sunday, 10:30am - Booked
   Sunday, 10:45am - Booked
   Sunday, 11:00am - Booked
   Sunday, 11:15am - Booked
   Sunday, 11:30am - Booked
   Sunday, 11:45am - Open
   Sunday, 12:00pm - Open


Tue, December 7 2021 3 Tevet 5782