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Interim Rabbi FAQ

When is Rabbi Goldstein's last day as our senior rabbi, and what will he be doing afterwards? Rabbi Goldstein's last day is July 31, 2022. After that, he will remain in the area and be part of our congregation as our Rabbi Emeritus, a title of respect for all the hard work he has done.

Why are we searching for an interim rabbi and not pursuing our search for a permanent rabbi? Due to the pandemic and other factors, there is a lack of permanent rabbi candidates. We have learned it is a common practice among synagogues with long-serving rabbis to hire an interim rabbi, who bridges the gap between the rabbi who is leaving and the next permanent rabbi.

How long will the interim rabbi serve? The interim rabbi is under contract for a year. A second year can be added if mutually agreed upon. The interim rabbi is not eligible to be our permanent rabbi.

If we really like the interim rabbi, why can't we invite him/her/them to stay?  An interim rabbi is a specific position within the clergy. There is actually a training course for rabbis interested in this specialization. The interim rabbi guides the congregation and the board, fostering change and transition after a long-time rabbi leaves. An interim rabbi is able to speak the hard truths because they are not worried about vying for the permanent position.

What are we looking for in an interim rabbi? The interim rabbi will perform all the duties of the regular congregational rabbi. He/she/they will also help us transition to our next permanent rabbi.

Will members of the congregation have any input into the hiring of the interim rabbi? Appropriate interim rabbi candidates will be invited to visit Beth Israel. Members of the congregation will be asked for their input following these visits. There will also be updates posted about our search for an interim rabbi.



Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782