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Are we hiring a newly ordained rabbi?
According to the Rabbinical Association, based on our size, newly ordained rabbis will not be eligible to apply.  They recommend candidates who, at a minimum, are currently in their 2nd year and commencing their 3rd year of service when they assume the pulpit.
Based on this information, we are no longer using the terminology “new rabbi”. We have been using the term “our next rabbi” in correspondence and information.

What is the application process to find a new rabbi?
We completed an extensive application using the valuable information members provided via the focus groups and member surveys.  This application was submitted to the Rabbinical Assembly (RA) and serves as a detailed job posting containing information about Beth Israel, the Baltimore area, and what we are looking for in our next rabbi.  Since there are a limited number of rabbis seeking pulpit positions, we received a waiver from the RA to consider rabbi candidates who are not currently members of the RA. This means that while we are now able to broaden our search to include candidates who are not affiliated with the association of Conservative rabbis, we will review/interview all rabbis with the same considerations we have been using with rabbis who are members of the RA. Ultimately, any candidate we choose will need to align with our values and traditions as a Conservative synagogue.

 Can we specify gender and age in our application for our next rabbi?
Hiring a rabbi is an employment search so we cannot discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.   We are looking for the best candidate with skills for the position, and we are eager to consider all qualified candidates who we think will best meet the needs and wishes of our congregation.

Will members of the congregation have a say in our final selection?
Ultimately, the congregation has the final say as to whom we hire as a senior rabbi. The congregation will be involved throughout the search process and will be given opportunities to provide feedback following interview weekends. According to our bylaws, a congregational vote is required to hire our next rabbi. The best candidate will be presented at a congregational meeting for your vote. In addition, you may email to ask questions, share input, or offer to volunteer to help. Co-Chairs David Braitman and Heidi Hoffman are also happy to speak with you.

Wed, May 31 2023 11 Sivan 5783