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Shleimut/Supporting Each Other

Health. Healing. Wholeness. Hope.

Life is complex. Sometimes you need a place to turn to for guidance and support. 

Beth Israel is one of the only Conservative congregations in the country to offer Shleimut, an initiative designed to address the holistic needs of congregants and promote health, wellness, and healing within our Beth Israel family. Shleimut helps Beth Israel congregants manage their physical, mental, legal, and spiritual health needs by offering opportunities to consult with a nurse, a social worker, a Rey’im team member, an attorney, and the clergy.

Whether you are seeking help managing a physical illness, navigating a life challenge or transition, answering a legal question*, or exploring spiritual concerns, our Shleimut team is here for you. While COVID-19 may limit our in-person consultations at present, we are still available to provide free, confidential guidance and support over the phone or computer for any concerns you or a loved one may have. 

For additional information or consultation, contact:

  • Sheri Stern,  RN, Shleimut Nurse at She addresses:
    • Questions about healthcare diagnoses, medications, procedures, and treatments, including COVID-19
    • Concerns about you or your loved ones’ health-related issues
    •  Requests for effective stress management solutions
  • Sarah Shapiro, LCSW-C, Shleimut Social Work Consultant, at or ext. 263. She provides:
    •  Free, confidential short-term counseling, guidance, and support
    • Information and referral to community resources
    • Education regarding mental health concerns
  • One of our Rey’im (“companions”), via Ann Friedman at or ext.210. Our Rey’im program offers:
    • Empathetic, compassionate and confidential support provided by a trained congregant for those experiencing a confusing patch of life or feeling alone
    • A short-term opportunity for regular conversations with a comforting, reassuring sounding board to help work through a life challenge.  
  • Harry Baumohl, Shleimut Attorney, at or ext. 265. He and his team of attorneys offer:
    • Confidential legal information and resources
    • Assistance with navigating the legal system
    • Guidance, education, and support
  • Rabbi Murray Ezring, at or ext. 217 and Cantor Benjamin Matis, at or ext. 206. They will:
    • Address your spiritual needs and questions
    • Provide comfort and support during challenging times

* Shleimut Legal offers information, support, and resources but not legal representation or specific legal advice.

A consultation with a member of the Shleimut team is not intended to replace a doctor’s visit, ongoing mental health care, or other services provided by wellness professionals. Similarly, consultation with a Shleimut attorney does not create an attorney-client relationship nor does it constitute legal representation. Beth Israel Congregation is not responsible for the consequences of any actions taken by or in reliance on the information, actions or suggestions provided by representatives of the Shleimut program.  Beth Israel Congregation and Shleimut affirmatively and expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability for any such consequences. 

Tue, October 3 2023 18 Tishrei 5784