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Shleimut/Supporting Each Other

Health. Healing. Wholeness. Hope.

Life is complex. Sometimes you need a place to turn to for guidance and support. 

Beth Israel is one of the only Conservative congregations in the country to offer Shleimut, an initiative designed to address the holistic needs of congregants and promote health, wellness, and healing within our Beth Israel family. Shleimut helps Beth Israel congregants manage their physical, mental, legal, and spiritual health needs by offering opportunities to consult with a nurse, a social worker, an attorney, and the clergy.

Whether you are seeking help managing a physical illness, navigating a life challenge or transition, answering a legal question*, or exploring spiritual concerns, our Shleimut team is here for you. While COVID-19 may limit our in-person consultations at present, we are still available to provide free, confidential guidance and support over the phone or computer for any concerns you or a loved one may have. 

For additional information or consultation, contact:


* Shleimut Legal offers information, support, and resources but not legal representation or specific legal advice.

Thu, October 22 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781